you have a job description, requiring a specific skill-set.


Mindset is a major determinant of success in pretty much every walk of life, the thinking patterns you adopt largely controls the results you achieve.

Entrepreneurs have an incredible opportunity to create something from nothing, in a way that’s not possible working as an Employee. But this means making big decisions about what must be done, when and how. Successful entrepreneurs understand that opportunities may be short-lived, and so develop a sense of urgency that helps them achieve their goals.

As an entrepreneur you are mainly respon sible for ensuring that things get done. As an entrepreneur, you have to project your mind forward, thinking about the potential pitfalls and opportunities, and making the most of your decisions based on uncertainty. This requires you to understand that decisions you make today will have an impact on your business three months or even five years down the line.

As an employee, you’re used to thinking ‘inside the box’ rather than outside. As an entrepreneur, there news is no box. You see what others don’t, test new ideas, seize new territory, take risks. This requires courage, a thick skin and the ability to keep going despite rejection and skepticism.

As an employee, you have a job description, requiring a specific skill-set. Being an entrepreneur involves learning many new skills, unless you have the funds to outsource what you’re not good at or don’t want to do.

As an employee, you can go on doing something you dislike just for the salary. As an entrepreneur, you will need to love your business because of the effort and long hours required. But you mustn’t fall into the trap of thinking and acting like an employee in your own company, working ‘in’ rather than ‘on’ the business.

As an employee, breaking the rules could mean dismissal. Entrepreneurs on the other hand, aren’t interested in the status quo, they’re always looking for ways to do things differently. That means acquiring a global perspective, always peering over the horizon, or at least towards it, to where the next big thing is waiting.

Most people under-estimate the time it takes to make the transition to entrepreneur, so it’s sensible to start shifting your mindset while you’re still employed, perhaps even setting up a business to run alongside. This could give you the opportunity to develop skills and build experience while still enjoying the safety-net of a salary, something that at some point you will almost certainly need to give up if you want to grow your business.

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